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8th October 2019

The following story was written in The Tribune by Rashad Rolle. We agree.  Mr. Dames should have gone long time. He is not only incompetent as a Minister Of National Security but he has been judicially condemned for interfering in the criminal case brought by the Crown against former Senator Frank Smith

THE chairman of the Free National Movement’s Central and South Abaco constituency branch wants National Security Minister Marvin Dames to resign over the “weak security” on the island.

 “The minister of national security needs to answer for this failure,” Victor Patterson complained yesterday. “I have no more patience for him…

 “A worker on a house saw a man stealing tools from that house yesterday,” Mr Patterson said. “He took a picture of the van the man was in. The person whose stuff was stolen went driving around with his cousin until they spotted the van. They tried to call the police and had no luck. They reached out to me and I reached out to the MP (James Albury), and he reached out to the police but had no luck. He spoke to a police woman and she said she could not bring a vehicle to meet them for whatever reason. That is not acceptable. We don’t expect perfection after a disaster like this but this security failure is ongoing, it needs to end and if the minister of national security cannot handle this he needs to resign. I am extremely displeased with his performance and the security situation feels like a betrayal for us. Every other minister and ministry have been falling over themselves to be helpful but I haven’t had any luck with the Ministry of National Security.”