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So, this is the summary of the corruption of the Hubert Minnis administration.  Take out your books and pencils and mark these down. The FNM came to office on a series of lies and deceits. The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis went to the Caribbean on his first overseas trip and told the people that The Bahamas was a corrupt country. Turns out he must have been talking about his own administration. So here it is: Minister of National Security Marvin Dames and then Minister of Health Duane Sands were judicially condemned for interfering in a case filled with political motivations. Dr. Duane Sands had to resign for doing a special favour to foreign visitors in the middle of the health emergency. Then remember Brent Symonette eased out as Minister of Immigration after renting his building to the government. The big fish to go was the Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest, the Minister of Finance, accused of a scheme to defraud a foreign investor of 27 million dollars. So, who is corrupt again? The next one to resign must be Marvin Dames. The last man standing.