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The Progressive Liberal Party has asked several times for the resignation or dismissal of Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security. The cry first came out because he was condemned judicially by a magistrate for interfering in the case against Frank Smith, the former MP and Senator.  He has also shown time and again that  he is intemperate and just not generally fit for the job. He simply talks too much for one. It’s that talking too much that calls for us to say it again. He must resign or be dismissed. Things are so bad between the PLP and the Minister that it has affected the relationship of the party with the police force.  The Leaders of the party refuse to go to any event to which they are invited by the police if the Minister of National Security is going to be present. It is a studied effort at social ostracism of this minister until he decides to go or is dismissed by the Prime Minister. Last Sunday 5 January 2020, he was in church speaking to the police at their annual service.  He put his foot in it again by saying that the days of the Commissioner of Police are numbered.  Wow. Really.  The police themselves were outraged and it appears that there is war going on the Force now because the Minister by his words is suggesting that Paul Rolle, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, is too old for the job of Commissioner, even though Mr. Rolle locked up Shane Gibson and Frank Smith at the start of the term.  That is not good enough. The Minister wants Chaswell Hanna, the man who runs the Police College, to run the Force. We are not getting in that: our point is that the Minister must go.  The Leader of the Opposition will have his say in law over whether or not Mr. Rolle or anyone else is appointed to the Commissioner’s post.  In any event, eyes should not weep for the Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson. The FNM has reportedly fixed him up too. He is to become the Director of National Intelligence when he retires next year.  This is the same spy agency that the FNM opposed when they were in Opposition. Talk is Mr. Ferguson is already recruiting staff for the job.