Marvin Dames: The Tight Pants Minister |Where Is Kelly Burrows When We Need Him?

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There is a homosexual slur that goes around town which folk use to discredit public officials and that is having young men working for and with you who wear tight pants in the public mix. The fact is it’s the fashion and wearing tight pants and straight leg trousers has nothing to with sexuality.  But it is really a  style that is more suited to younger men with  slim physiques that can actually fit it in the damn clothes, not middle aged men trying to look like they are still young and particularly politicians who ought to know better. Marvin Dames, the Minister of National Security was the butt ( forgive the pun) of every joke this past week as the picture circulated of him in this suit so tight, he could hardly move sideways and no socks on.  As Ronnie Butler would have said: God help the minister if it rained because toe jam would kill him. Here you have the Prime Minister dressed as a mature man should in the afternoon in Caribbean style dress, the Commissioner of Police in his formal uniform and the Governor General in a suit. But next to them is the man in the tight pants and straight leg pants, the Minister of National Security Marvin Dames.  You think someone could not have told him, perhaps Kelly Burrows, that look as a fifty something fella you should really dress in a classic cut dark suit for this occasion. Anyway, Marvin Dames is probably so self-absorbed that he does not hear the tongues wagging.