Marvin Dames To Run In Mt Moriah

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Former Assistant Commissioner of Police Marvin Dames is set to join the political arena and fray if his sister Candia at the Nassau Guardian and Sarkis Ismerlian and the FNM have their way.  Mr. Dames has been pretty clever at hiding his light under a bushel.  Now he can come out and say what he really is: an FNM and that he wants to be Minister of National Security to clean up the mess he perceives, viagra buy mainly to rid the force of his nemeses Ellison Greenslade the Commissioner of Police.  We doubt it can happen but just saying.  He is the great hope of the FNM, cialis sale and they dumped one of their candidates in favour of him in Mt. Moriah.  The former candidate is not a happy camper and complained loudly and bitterly to the press.  But what Sarkis wants Sarkis gets. Mr. Dames was the Director of Security at the failed Bahamar project.  The talk around town is that Mr. Ismerlian will be supporting five other candidates beside Mr. Dames to get rid of the PLP in the next general election.