Matthew Wildgoose’s Exhibition

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60″x60″ acrylic on canvas sold to an art collector and restaurant owner in Atlanta. The first piece created by Matthew on the drug culture Painted at the Carol house art residency program in June. From it he developed his upcoming art Exhibition “Da Good, viagra sale Bad & Ogly,” that will open at the Central Bank Of the Bahamas on September 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

Nassau, Bahamas — The newest art exhibition of Matthew Wildgoose will create strong conversations when his latest work in “Da Good, Bad & Ogly,” opens at The Central Bank Of The Bahamas on September 15, 2016. The exhibition showcases the beauty of The Bahamas as well as different facets of the dark enigmas of society.

Wildgoose has become famous for his portraitures depicting well-known iconic Bahamian personalities such as Ronnie Butler and Sir Harry Oakes. This time, Wildgoose dives into somewhat unchartered waters as he paints a variety of Bahamians. The exhibition includes: icons; persons who had strong convictions regarding their circumstances; those who were adamant in preserving culture; those who wanted to get rich the easy way; and those who struggled with addiction. The artist also depicts the lives of average Bahamians who were affected directly or indirectly by the drug culture of the 70s’ and 80’s.

“I have witnessed first hand the destructive vices that have gripped Bahamian society and those experiences have helped me create some of the pieces for this exhibition,” said the artist.

“Also, I wanted to highlight the stories that are embedded in our culture.” One piece which stands out is titled, “Allegiance,” that symbolizes an older Rake and Scrape drummer who is defiant about not losing his traditions to the new Carnival fever.”

Matthew Wildgoose feels that it is the people’s weaknesses and strengths that affect society both negatively and positively.  Due to those observations, he has chosen to capture some of the topics that are not normally discussed.  Wildgoose has stepped outside of his typical style of Bahamian art depictions and brings a powerful focus on some of the unsavoury aspects of Bahamian life.  He considers art as a powerful expression of the things that surrounds us. In this exhibition viewers will find that he has succeeded in delivering these messages.

Da Good, Bad and Ogly’s exhibition also includes influencers like Lenny Kravitz and Buddy Heild who represent some of the talent of the 242.  The Exhibition opens at the art gallery of The Central Bank of The Bahamas on September 15, 2016 at 6:30 pm.

Matthew Wildgoose is a Bahamian artist, actor and musician.  His work has been part of the Dawn Davies Collection, the Sapodilla Estate, the Hilton British Colonial hotel as well as in private collections in The Bahamas and abroad.  Samples of his work can be found at More information can be obtained from publicist, Azaleta Ishmael-Newry at or at 242-557-0981.