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It’s a helluva thing to lose an election and then try to be relevant during the time after the loss. Frederick McAlpine who was for a time the flavour of the month, during the time when Hubert Minnis was Prime Minister and he was as an FNM railing against the wind.  Alas you have to have a sense of judgment to be able to know when to turn an unexpected advantage into an opportunity.

There are only two sources of political power in The Bahamas.  That has been so from the time party politics came into being in 1953  Either you are PLP or FNM. Anyone else is also ran and just entertainment in between elections.

Some folks tried to explain that lesson  to Mr. McAlpine during that time. Jump now to one side or the other and be a success. He decided that he could break the mold and  become the first to defeat the giants in the history of the country.  Sadly for him that was not to be.  He handed the seat to Ginger Moxey and now today she sits as the Minister for Grand Bahama with the power to win friends and influence people and make policy.  Mr. McAlpine sits on the outside barking at the rolling wheels.

Last week, he decided to enter a debate about the future of Freeport associating himself with  the comments of a colleague that  he did not want Freeport to be caught up in the cesspool of politics.  It had to be pointed out to him that politics made Freeport the Bahamian city that it is.  Lynden Pindling told the owners of Freeport if the social order did not bend it would bebroken.

The prosperity that exists today, the social order today is because of politics and more importantly the PLP. No denying it.

Mr. McAlpine dug in his heels and was more specifical.  He does not want any PLP, translate black families to get their  hands on the shares of the Grand Bahama Port Authority.  More specifically he does want  Hannes Babak and MSC to have any shares in the Port. That latter thing is probably right but what is problematic and ironic is that he could well have been piloting this, had he made the decision to join the PLP back in October 2020 when he had the chance.  That chance is now gone.

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