McAlpine Says He Won’t Go A Step

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Tribune photo

The pressure from within the Free National Movement to force the dissident MP Frederick McAlpine out of the FNM is mounting.  When Philip Brave Davis, the Leader of the Opposition, announced that he would be moving a  vote of no confidence in the Government at the next opportunity, and when the press asked Mr. McAlpine what he intended to do, and he said he would abstain, that seemed to have crossed a line with some FNMs.  The Pineridge Branch of the FNM went to the press last week and said he ought to go. Venette Munnings, Chair of the FNM Constituency Association, told The Tribune on 5th August 2019: “He definitely should resign. That would be in the best interest of the people of the constituency. We don’t think he would be offered the nomination again. In the House of Assembly, all you hear from him is bashing of the party. Would you expect for people to want that person to represent them? I don’t think so. I have no idea what he is holding out for now. He needs to decide what he wants because right now we don’t understand it and he doesn’t understand it.”  Mr. McAlpine in response said that he intends to do no such thing. Peter Turnquest, the Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the FNM, said that the FNM should follow the constitution on the matter. So we should stand by as they prepare to push him out the door.  This is gonna be messy.  Most of all this is gonna be fun.  Grab the popcorn.