Men Need To Be Sensitive In The House—Hanna Martin

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The following story is taken from the Nassau Guardian


December 13, 2018

Travis Cartwright-Carroll


Englerston MP Glenys Hanna-Martin yesterday warned the men in the House of Assembly to be careful how they speak to women in the House.

“There is a view that women are supposed to sit in here and serve tea,” Hanna-Martin said following a testy exchange with Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest.

“I am not in here to serve tea, Mr. Speaker.

“I am elected by the men and women, the people, of Englerston and they want me to fight for what they are concerned about, not to sit in here and have some polite conversation.

“I want to sensitize the members of this House, particularly the men, to be very careful with your language when you are confronted by women in this Parliament who express themselves in a strong way.

“The men in this Parliament need to be sensitized. In other parliaments you would never get away with that, never.”

Hanna-Martin and Turnquest got into a back and forth during her contribution to the debate on the Business Licence (Amendment) (No. 2) Bill, 2018. Turnquest referred to Hanna-Martin using a certain word, which he withdrew and substituted with “overly aggressive