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During the campaigns of 2012 and 2017, the former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was a frequent visitor to a certain pharmaceutical company and its internal offices.  He came by himself, entered the office by himself and left by himself. No one knows quite what transpired inside the offices but there was a large envelope that left as he left.  No one knows what was in it.  But you ask why was Mr. Minnis such a  frequent visitor.  Fast forward to last week. The Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association held a strike and stopped selling critical medicines to the public because they didn’t like the law on price controls. The first man out the gate was Michael Pintard, the Leader of the Opposition to support the wrongful actions of the Association.   Mr. Pintard ought to have a talk with Mr. Minnis and find out what was in that envelope and what the purposes of the envelope were.  When you take a side, you don’t want to seem as if you are singing for your supper as opposed to negotiating an honest broker in a just cause.