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At the end of the movie “The Prime of Jean Brodie”, the young woman who she had mentored but who had turned against her is walking away in satisfaction at the work of undoing Ms. Brodie her former mentor.  Ms. Brodie shouts out: “Assassin! Assassin!” That is the cry one could give to Michael Scott who is the author and finisher of the fate of Peter Turnquest.  Peter Turnquest learned that in Dr. Minnis’ FNM in a contest between the word of white man and a black man, even a brown skinned Long Island man who thinks he is a cut above other black people, the white man wins.  Michael Scott is almost surely in violation of Rule IX of the code of professional conduct of The Bahamas Bar.  He has allowed his public duties to conflict with his private duty, he ought to have turned down the brief but instead he chose lucre over public duty. The result is one politically dead former Deputy Prime Minister and him laughing all the way to the bank.  But there is karma in the world.  Or as Bahamians say: when you did one grave, you dig two.