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Last week, we encouraged the Leader of the Opposition to find a way to row the boat ashore in the FNM. It was clear that he was in the struggle of his life, despite his later boast to the press that he is in control of the Free National Movement.

In his leadership history it may turn out that the decision to ban Dr. Hubert Minnis from speaking at FNM party branches probably caused more problems than it’s worth, It has allowed Dr. Minnis to get free publicity and to come off as a hero for free speech and democracy when everyone knows that he is quite the opposite.

Dr. Minnis is a cruel man, who operates in politics without a conscience.  He should be stopped.  Michael Pintard should be allowed to have a clean chance of running the party, all the way to the general election.

The way things are lining up though, it does not appear that Mr.  Pintard will get that chance unless he pulls a rabbit out of the hat.

We are told though that all is not as Dr Minnis would have us think it is in the FNM.  He is giving the impression that he has support, but we understand that the meritorious councilors of the FNM despise him. If he gets ten votes in there, he will get plenty.

So, we understand what he is doing now, is trying to give the impression that even though he does not have the support of the FNM council, out in the country he is popular.  Thus the speaking tour to those constituencies where the former MPs still have sway and are in support of him

But the FNM has plenty to worry about. The party that claimed that it was all about cleaning up corruption, they have two members, former Ministers, and a former Corporation Chair who are now charged with multiple counts of fraud and bribery.

They need to do some soul-searching and Michael Pintard has to figure out a way to row this boat ashore.

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