Michal Pintard FNM Chair Should Stick To Jokes

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viagra usa nurse times;”>In his real life, viagra usa Michael Pintard is a sometime poet and a humourist.  He should stick to that and leave politics to grown folks.  Mr. Pintard got up in big people’s business the other day by issuing a statement in which he said that Randy Rolle, the Consul General to Atlanta, now on home leave, called the Prime Minister to get him out of the clink.  It was not true.  It was a big fat lie.  The Prime Minister sued. Only to have Michael Pintard run off to another soldier of the FNM with crackpot ideas Fred Smith to protect him.  Crying like a little girl, Mr. Smith said on behalf of his client how  the Prime Minister was trying to intimidate his client by suing his black ass.  To quote another FNM with reprobate ideas Ivan Johnson of the Punch,: “ stop being a big sissy” and take your medicine.  Apologize to the Prime Minister and pay up.