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So we are taken by surprise again with regard to the FNM and the  botching of the purchase and sale of the Grand Lucayan Hotel in Freeport, Grand Bahama.  The FNM Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and his government got snookered by the Hutchison company in Freeport who collected the insurance on the hurricane damaged hotel then sold it to the Government for 65 million dollars, a sum much more than its worth.  The government has spent upwards of 150 million dollars in total on the hotel with nothing to show for it. When they started out there were 400 employees at the hotel. Today there are none.  They said that they wanted to save jobs. That is the reason they bought the hotel.  Pin the tail on us, we are the donkeys.  Now we learn that Michael Scott Q C who negotiated the purchase and sale of the property which sale never came off, and which sale he later said was a bad deal, now no longer has anything to do with the sale and its negotiations. Mind you he is the Chair of the special purpose vehicle that owns the hotel and he is also the Chair of the Hotel Corporation.  This is one mixed up government.  Just like conch salad.