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(My thoughts in brief- Freeport…Preserving Our Past as we Protect our Future)

This piece first appeared on his Facebook page– Editor

11 February 2015

At face value, the title begs the question: What does history have to do with me? The many generations that preceded us, sacrificed to insure that we are able (at present), to enjoy the social freedoms and trappings of modern society

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. In Maya Angelou’s words “I am the hope of the slave.” It is now our opportunity to preserve and protect, not just for today, but for tomorrow and the generations that will follow us.


Shakespeare perhaps puts it best when he posited that “the past is prologue” meaning that nothing happens today without the past before it. You see, things have to be seen in context. Unfortunately, society has the notion that things simply began as they are today. But before we had today’s relative wealth here in the Bahamas, we experienced socio economic & gender division. Women could not vote. There existed only a property vote for men, and trade unions were nonexistent. All the aforementioned social dynamics came as a result of the political and economic struggles of the past. From the Burma Road riot, through to the General Strike, and then majority rule in 1967.


The story of the development of Freeport is important as well. The way the Hawksbill Creek Agreement came about, why and how, and with who, and what development it lead to. Now it is fair to say that the very concept behind this agreement was a good one. It represented what innovative thinking is all about. I imagine at the time that it was thought to be less burdensome to the government of the day, in as much as development was concerned. But in bringing this concept into reality, lead to vast exclusion of a people. It really was not in mind to be for the enjoyment & benefit per se, of the locals. We all know the story… there was a big gate, and at 5pm all the (I’m going to use the term they probably used in those days) all the “color’ds” had to be behind or make their way behind the big gate.


I would imagine that such is what provoked a fearless leader of the people, whose agenda was to promote Bahamian Nationalism, or ‘Bahamianization’ to revamp the contents of a speech that he gave at the opening of the Bahamas Oil Refining Company (BORCO) in 1969; which ultimately lead to dramatic changes on how things went around here. The speech is known as the “Break or Bend” speech by the late Sir Lynden Pindling. I would like to interpret that speech as one where Sir Lynden simply told the developers and investors, that there need be no exclusion of & prejudices against his people; but rather avenues for empowerment. So they either had to “Shape up or Ship out!” Well you know the story, developer Wallace Grooves (who held the principal signature of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement), later pretty much packed and skipped town, as did others. The point I am trying to make with these pivotal points of references, is that when you do not know your history, you are most condemned to repeat it.


freeportPreserving our past calls for recognition/acknowledgement of what was. An identification of something. Louis Farrakhan often says, “if you don’t know what was, you can’t know what is, thus being ill prepared for the future.” So in preserving, acknowledging, familiarizing ourselves with the past, particularly here in Freeport, Grand Bahama; in an attempt to protect our future and empower our people, we are faced with the great challenges that has currently infected our beloved city.


Inequities are building, because of the lack of works and lack of jobs. Tax exemptions are going to expire in August, 2015. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? There is a need for all Grand Bahama residents to get together and map out a plan for the future. Preserving all that is good about our past, but charting a new and more equitable course. Fredrick Douglas, the American social reformer said, “power concedes nothing without a demand.” I would like to echo a particular sentiment which says, power won’t even concede to a demand, if the demand is coming from a weak set of people who looks as if they have lost their testicular fortitude.


There is a need for a more efficient bureaucracy. Perhaps the time has come for the government to take over the port’s regulatory functions. How much longer must we be made to suffer or be hindered in growth as a community or destination, due to a clash of egos between two wealthy families, over the ownership of the Port Authority; which stems back several years, and now with the two Patriarchs of those families deceased? The bottom line is, if it is deemed that the current conditions are not working as they should (for whatever reasons), what is the alternative?  In preserving our past and protecting our future, we must not allow ourselves any longer to sit at, and eat from the “table of illusion and hypocrisy.” We have to now focus! Perhaps it is time to bring about real property tax instead of service charges. Perhaps it is time to focus on aggressively promoting the island as a potential industrial capital, instead of its heavy focus and dependence on tourism. Perhaps we have to look at the intricate details of that agreement, and question or assess rather, whether or not all obligations we met. Perhaps it is time for all of us, who have been blessed with knowledge, blessed with wealth, blessed with access, blessed with opportunity, to come together and pool the best of our minds, as well as the best of our pocket books, in order to create a programmatic thrust that will uplift us and our people out of the condition that we are in. Networking our minds and resources to develop an entrepreneurial thrust in our community…targeting ambitions that cater to the demands and development of our island, is the way forward to protecting our future here in Freeport, Grand Bahama.


The pursuit of sustainable development have much to do with or gain from what I like to refer to as an adaptive reuse of and reflecting upon history, in our preservation of it; which becomes a social advantage, thus being an essential component in our protection of it.


Will we continue to allow ourselves to fall prey to all the illusions that have brought us to this state of confusion? 


I am etc.,

Miguel D. Taylor