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buy cialis find times;”>Description: government of The Bahamas notes the preliminary results of the November labour survey released earlier today by the Department of Statistics.  

viagra sale click times;”>The demands of an expanding labour force continues to drive the government’s intensified efforts to strengthen the major pillars of the economy, check diversify the economy and invest more in human capital.  

The Bahamas has made tremendous strides since the global recession and more Bahamians are in fact working. Freeport and Grand Bahama have improved and the family islands, particularly Abaco and Bimini, continue to enjoy sustained economic growth.  

The expansion of the labour force will no doubt continue at a rate of 4,000 to 5,000 persons annually which demands acceleration in the rate of jobs creation. The government is keenly aware of this dynamic and is satisfied that the pending projects and those in various stages of development and completion will significantly reduce the level of unemployment over the next year.  

Certainly in an environment of a subdued and protracted global economic recovery, the government is pleased with the addition of over 20,000 new jobs and Bahamians to the employment lines since May 2012, but the truth is one Bahamian unemployed is too many.         

The government continues to express informed optimism in this area.