Ministry of Foreign Affairs On Hurricane Relief Fund

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Statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 
On The Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund

For Immediate Release

13 October 2016

As a result of an inaccurate and unauthorized social media post by one of our staff members concerning the legitimacy of the Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund, cialis usa the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to reaffirm the authenticity of this Fund. We requested the unauthorized post to be taken down and we have been informed that it has been removed. However, buy cialis shared copies may still appear on line.

In our press statement released on the 12th of October we advised persons in the United States who wish to make tax exempt donations towards the hurricane relief effort to do so via the Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund. For the avoidance of doubt, we repeat the statement.

We stand by our previous statement and today we again advise persons who are US citizens or residents and who wish to make tax exempt contributions to the hurricane fund, may make donations via the Bahamas Hurricane Restoration Fund. This is a legitimate organization playing an important role within the post Hurricane Matthew relief and restoration effort.

Any questions or concerns about donating to the relief effort can be sent to:

Again The Ministry takes this opportunity to thank everyone for their prayers, generosity and expressions of support.