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All of a sudden the good doctor who is our Prime Minister has found a new religion on immigration.  He stood in the House and said last week that the illegal migrants have until 31st December to get out of dodge or be deported.  The next day his Minister of Immigration Brent Symonette said that they were going to be caring and humane in throwing people out of the country, that it was not an amnesty and that immigration would continue to enforce the laws until.  Really.  Wonder how that works, Nutty Professor Fred Smith was having none of it. Having paid so much money to the FNM for them to win and hopefully to get their cooperation to open the gates wide to all immigrants he was furious and given his morbid preoccupation with Fred Mitchell threw Mr. Mitchell’s name in his angry press release, saying that Dr. Minnis was the new Fred Mitchell.  We told you Fred Smith was an ass.  Now you know for sure.

Here is what Dr. Minnis said to the House of Assembly on 11 October

“We must be a country that abides by the rule of law.

“Those migrants who are here illegally must leave by December 31, 2017. After which period they will be aggressively pursued and deported. This applies to all nationalities.

“Those Bahamians and residents who employ illegal migrants have until December 31, 2017 to regularise these individuals or to stop employing them.

“I implore Immigration Officers to execute their duties in a professional and humane manner.

“Those who illegally employ such migrants are legally liable and they will be prosecuted. We must be a country of law and order.

“We will continue to process permanent residency applications for those who have legally been in The Bahamas for an extensive period of time, who have contributed to The Bahamas and satisfy the requirements.

“This is a fair and just course of action. We will also continue to grant citizenships to those who are legally entitled.”

“I don’t think people understand what it is like when you are legally entitled to citizenship but you do not have the proper documents.

“As others pointed out you cannot open a bank account you cannot travel. You have difficulty entering the University of The Bahamas to finish your education. You are faced with a no man’s land. Until you live it you don’t understand.”