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cialis canada times;”>Description: http://thetribune.media.clients.ellingtoncms.com/img/photos/2014/04/07/HouseofAssembly7.2_t670.jpg?b3f6a5d7692ccc373d56e40cf708e3fa67d9af9d 

viagra sales times;”>If you remember how this all started out, and how it was supposed to have ended, you could forgive Hubert Minnis, the Leader of the Opposition for asking the Good Lord the following:  “ How from where we started, did we get to a place like this?”  The PLP is very worried that they may have so mortally wounded Hubert Minnis that his own troops will turn on him and  that the PLP may have tipped the balance against him in the FNM so that before the month ends he will be gone.  His performance in the House of Assembly on Tuesday 22nd March was hopeless and hapless.   He was flat on his feet.  He couldn’t pivot when he ran into trouble.  He ended up being told to sit down and desist with 15 minutes to go on his presentation by the Deputy Speaker Dion Smith who was in the Chair.  It was quite frankly embarrassing.  This should have been the speech to end all speeches.  He was to scorch the earth with the PLP but instead, having dug a grave for the PLP, he dug one for himself.  Frank Watson, the FNM’s former Deputy Prime Minister and the mouthpiece of Hubert Ingraham, could not have said it better when he told TheTribune, he did not know how much more of it the FNM could take from Dr. Minnis.  The party was simply shocked that there they were excoriating the PLP for arranging meetings with the two thugs Toogie and Bobo only to find out that the Leader of their own party had met with Toogie on three occasions at his home and that Toogie had actually brought him fish on one of those occasions.  Then from our point of view, the question is one of loyalty to your allies.  There is no way  in the world, Dr. Minnis should have let Michael Pintard resign.  Here was his strong ally, in the paper speaking up for Dr Minnis when under attack, and  fighting the cause of the party but  he let the PLP force Michael Pintard  to resign as some grand gesture to propriety.  This is a wasted gesture in The Bahamas.  Nobody appreciates grand gestures, and if Dr Minnis thought that was going to force the PLP to let Brave Davis resign, it shows how out of touch with reality Dr. Minnis is.  So he loses his ally and no one came to Dr. Minnis’ defence. In fact just the opposite, the newly minted FNM and loud mouth Andre Rollins MP for Ft. Charlotte was most ungracious. He said that Dr Minnis’ performance in taking a plane owned by the Numbers’ Baron Sebastian Bastian was comical and that it was simply “embarrassing”.  It was a tough week for Dr. Minnis but we don’t want him to fall just yet.  The PLP needs him around until the general election.