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There is no secret that we have been in the corner of Hubert Minnis to succeed and survive as the Leader of the Opposition and the Free National Movement.  He has had a tough time of it, with lots of internal bickering and backstabbing.  Even as we saw that he was simply hapless on his feet, he seemed connected to grassroots Bahamians and disassociated from the dreaded UBP element in his party.  It as for that reason we supported him.  The problem now is: how you can support a man who does not stick by his word; he chooses the cowardly run, who is a shameless panderer.  This makes him unsafe. This makes Loretta Butler Turner, a safer bet for the Bahamian people in the all  the circumstances.  He cannot be trusted to deliver. He has the inability to think on his feet and to pivot extemporaneously.  How can we expect him to handle this country’s affairs as Prime Minister. His recent actions on the referendum, makes all the things that his MPs wrote about him in that famous letter seem true.  His actions in stepping back from support of women’s equality are a serious character flaw.  This is a scary fellow and so you can extrapolate from that this is a fellow who you cannot depend on to make the right moves for The Bahamas. He is a blower with the wind. His own MP Loretta Butler Turner said it.  You are supposed to stick by your word.  And if you cannot, then you should say so, not slink around in the shadows in double talk.  Here is what he had to say in response to Loretta Butler Turner’s criticism of him.  Instead of dealing with it honestly, he tried to be a smart ass.  This is not the time for that.  This is serious business.  We thought he would survive at the FNM convention.  But right now he looks like and deserves to be a goner, even if it means the return of an even bigger Jackass Hubert Ingraham.  In his own words Dr. Minnis as reported by The Tribune Thursday 9 June:

 “I was very happy to see that my colleague has such great confidence in me to make a statement that the referendum loss was a result of my minimal involvement. 

 “That confidence I am certain and I’m confident will be displayed or transferred also to the general election because I could not ask for such better confidence, that I could make such a great difference in the referendum, so the FNM looks forward to the difference I would make for the general election, getting the PLP out. 

“What happen, you got wax in your ears or something?

 “I’ve always thought that a vote should remain private. 

 “I’ve always believed in women’s equality. I expressed my views in Parliament and if you read what I said, I said the vote here today is for the referendum to be taken out to the people so they can have their say and I advised them that they should be properly knowledgeable on the issues, attend any meeting or gathering possible so they would be well versed on the issue, then vote their conscience because the decisions they make will be the decisions for tomorrow. 

 “They voted their conscience so I must respect the vote of the people. I don’t understand why people are upset because the people voted one way or another. We must accept what the people voted for. Not all of us get what we want. When they voted for the PLP in 2012, I was not happy, but I accepted it. What’s the big deal with not accepting what the people say? Whether I like it or not I must accept what they say.”