Minnis Crippled…Announces Sands As New Senator

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The FNM and its Leader have now become the laughing stock of the country.  The latest was the leak of the letter by Dr. Andre Rollins, who just reached in the FNM, telling Dr. Minnis that he must fire Kwasi Thompson as a Senator and appoint Dr. Duane Sands, who according to Dr. Rollins can take the fight to the PLP.  Dr. Sands is the three time loser in the run for Parliament but like the perpetual jack in the box is popping up every time you think he’s gone.  When you saw the list of people who publicly identified with Dr. Rollins statement from the FNM benches in the House, then you knew the fix was in.  It included MPs Richard Lightbourn, Hubert Chipman and Loretta Butler Turner.  Next step, an explosive headline with Lincoln Bain, the putative candidate or Pinewood, complaining that Senator Lanisha Rolle, known for having foot in mouth political disease,  was getting beside herself when she told him he was not getting his nomination, that the FNM MPs were too selfish and looking out for their own interests and not that of the party, and that Dr. Minnis had deliberately not  given them their nominations for that reason.   Mr. Bain went running to the Parliamentary caucus; they threatened Dr. Minnis and within days, Senator Rolle was gone out the door and Dr. Sands was in the Senate.  So the retread is back, and Andre Rollins shows that he is a snake in the bosom as he was in the PLP, and he is now dictating policy in the FNM.  What next?   The statement announcing Dr. Sands’ reappointment is shown below:

Nassau, Bahamas – Dr. Minnis, Leader of the Free National Movement (FNM), issued the following statement on the Appointment of Dr. Duane Sands to the Senate:

“I respect Senator Roll’s decision to step down today from the Senate. She has served the people of The Bahamas with great pride and I look forward to working with her in the future. “The reality is that our country is reeling from four years of poor leadership under this Government. Countless Bahamians out of work, a murder rate setting frightening records each year, stalled projects like Baha Mar and taxpayers left holding the bag as we are forced to bailout the Bank of the Bahamas among other debacles. It is clear, that Bahamians want leaders focused on fixing our country.”

“It is with that in mind that I am honoured today to appoint Dr. Duane E. L. Sands to the Senate. He brings with him the knowledge and character that will help the FNM and me to lay out a clear plan for the future of The Bahamas. A cardiothoracic and vascular surgeon, Dr. Sands brings with him a long and distinguished career in medicine and I know that he will serve the Bahamian people with great honour. I congratulate Dr. Sands and his family.”