Minnis Dock Order Ignored In Marsh Harbour

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You may remember the scandal of the Albury Family being pushed out from doing the ferry service between Baker’s Bay at Guana Cay and the Abaco mainland.  Brent Symonette, the Minister for International Trade along with the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis are shareholders in Bahamas Fast Ferries.  The story is one weekend Mr. Symonette paid a visit to the luxury island retreat and the next thing everyone heard was that the Albury family was out and Bahamas Fast Ferries was in.  The FNMs who voted these folks in started to kick up a fuss, led by Roscoe Thompson of Marsh Harbour.  The MP James Albury joined the chorus but nothing could stop the Fast Ferries train. There was push back from the community who said that Bahamas Fast Ferries should not be able to profit from high handed move by using the public dock. The MP said that the Prime Minister had ordered that under no circumstances should the public dock be used. So much for that.  On Friday 1 February a picture surfaced with the new Fast Ferry boat pulling up to the Government dock.  The MP posted a message on FB promising to get to the bottom of it.  But this shows who the boss is in that Minnis government.

Here’s the post:

Good morning all, this morning I understand Bahamas Fast Ferries docked and transported employees from the Union Jack dock. This was against the desires of the township, myself, and the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister himself had previously issued a directive that they would not be permitted to use said dock. Upon becoming aware of the events, I immediately contacted the Prime Minister and we are working together to address and remedy the situation. Please be assured the situation is not being ignored, I will update as we move forward.

MP James Albury