Minnis Extending His Powers For Another Month

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The Prime Minister arrives at the Fishing Hole Road.  Roads were blocked off throughout the intersections in Freeport with police cars and lights flashing to allow the Prime Minister  while in Freeport passage on the already empty roads of Freeport.

Even though the public is sick and tired of Hubert Minnis and his emergency powers, the Prime Minister has announced that he will extend the power to rule by fiat for another 30 days from the 30th June when it presently expires to 31st July 2020.  The Attorney General Carl Bethel says that this is because the Covid 19 cases in the United States are out of control and they need to have the power to act if the cases spread here.  No one buys it.  We are sick and tried of it and the abuse of the powers. The rubber stamp Bahamian Parliament will meet to approve the measures on Monday 29 June 2020.