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There is an expression from a song in The Bahamas which says: look what you could get when you’re tired of what your gat.  That is exactly what is apt now that we look at Hubert Minnis who is our Prime Minister.  He is an embarrassment to the country, not because there is anything wrong with him intrinsically, but the external factors are so bad, you keep saying: Lord how in the world did this happen?


Those how litigate the last general election result and are wringing their hands over and over keep saying it’s Perry Christie’s fault.  More widely it is the PLP’s fault for not taking the courage amongst themselves and removing Mr. Christie from the Leadership of the PLP.  The stats they show say that the general election result and the massive losses all go down to his the refusal to move off the scene and breaking his promises to leave midterm.


Our supporters who voted with the other side are now quite remorseful, but it is a little too late.  We all have to suffer for infecting a huge mistake upon The Bahamas.  Mr. Minnis is a man who doesn’t know what to say; doesn’t know what to do; doesn’t know what is appropriate.  He leads a team that lied their way to an election. They are all corrupt and crooked to the corp.  They are  a government of self-dealing crooks who managed to persuade the Bahamian people that they are pure as the driven snow.

Last week the Chairman of the PLP Senator Fred Mitchell had to answer an editorial by one of the FNM’s defenders who ought to know better: the Nassau Guardian.  They claimed that the PLP was run by greedy people who wanted to use the Government to turn over the state resources to their oligarch friends.  What on earth were they talking about?

Not one month ago the pockets of Brent Symonette were lined by this Government in plain sight. He sits in the Cabinet.  He is the son of the Premier of the UBP who was fired himself from Government back in 1967 in part for self dealing. Yet the Nassau Guardian blames the PLP.

Last week Mr. Minnis in his usual bumbling way thought the was making a joke by saying that he was not concerned about the threat of a national strike but worried instead about whether the Saxons were going to win Junkanoo.  Add that to the gaffes about the word “no” which he spelt ‘n. p. o’. Then he talked about fishing from the moon.  Then he told reporters he was too busy to talk to them he had his “ stew fish” to deal with. It’s endless: one gaffe after the next.  The gaffes are simply emblematic of someone who is not fit for office.


The last thing is his claim that Bahamians are no longer fearing crime because the murder rate is down. He said that, even though the neighbours in the last area whether the double murder took place last week said they were fearful.

So, we suffer on. We hope that these folks are thrown out before the next general election. It is hopeless and hapless.  They are dumb to a fault.

Lord how long?


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