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Despite being warned by the PLP that what he is doing is inappropriate, indeed maybe unlawful, Hubert Minnis continues to double down with these political visits to the police stations in New Providence. This is designed it seems to further strengthen the police state that he is trying to build. On Christmas Day, he told the police to give people tickets if they are out one minute beyond the curfew time of 10 p.m. 

On his most recent visit to the  Central Police Station, he told them that if the officers do not believe people are going to church on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve escort them to church and make sure they stay in church for the three hours.  Stupidity.

Ok that is the background against which Ashton Greenslade in Grand Bahama has set up a mini police state in Freeport where there seemed like there is a roadblock on every corner over the holidays.  On Christmas Eve night and New Year’s Eve night, policemen with guns, submachine guns and masks were on the streets harassing people as they were on their way to church.

The public in Grand Bahama is furious.

Then we report below on one man who was slammed to ground in Eight Mile Rock, bruising his face because he did not have a mask on and then was handed a ticket for a whopping fine to boot.

Then a family of three young men and a young lady going to see their dad, ignorant of the fact that they needed an I D issued by the government to be on the streets; they had masks, were fined 500 dollars each for no I D and were denied an opportunity to have them delivered to them. They are all in their twenties. The mother is furious, the  young people are terrified of being on the streets now.  They have no 500 dollars to pay, since they are all unemployed.

 The problem is there is anger and frustration but no proper political response to this.  These young people need to be organized and get ready to vote Hubert Minnis and his wicked, dictatorial, oppressive and corrupt government out of office.