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This is a letter from one Bahamian in prison as a result of the curfew proclaimed by the Governor General and the orders issued by Hubert Minnis, Prime Minister.  We must never forget ( Editor):

Dear Prime Minister:

I write you today from prison.

It is my own House in Lyford Hills. It is a fancy house. It is my dream house. I have worked all my life to be able to borrow the money to live in this house. I had no idea that I would be locked up in this House without being able to move, unless I give an excuse to a man or woman young enough to be my grandchild because he is in a uniform and who speaks to me any kind of way. Life is truly turned on its head.

This is quite a fancy prison. I have four bedrooms and baths all en suite and I have a half bathroom. I have a swimming pool. I have heard that you now say that I can call someone to clean my swimming pool. Thank God for that.

My wife and I have an empty nest because all the children are grown and have homes of their own. So I don’t get to talk to them except on the  smart phone or the computer.  I am sure that when my wife and I said for better or worse those many years ago that we did not contemplate having to look upon one another’s faces for twenty two hours and a half during the day.

I have never gone to the bathroom to pee so many times in a day.

I am told I am locked up for my protection. I suppose we give you the benefit of the doubt but I do not like the imperiousness of this. I do not like that we are being spoken to like little children or criminals. I do not like the fact that this was imposed without my consent.

I have been raised to question authority all my life. I have been told that this is a free country all my life. Yet I am now made to feel that because I ask questions about this state of public emergency, I am somehow a criminal or that I am out of step with the majority or that I am being unpatriotic.

I tell all my fellow Bahamians. No matter what the reason is, and you might have good reasons, stripped down to its essence here is what has happened: the Governor General and the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet without the consent of Parliament with a stroke of a pen have locked me up in my House and I cannot come out unless I have certain limited reasons.  There was no debate.  It was just gone, I am therefore a prisoner.

Ain’t that something. And even a former Judge who  should be fighting for freedom says those who question must shut up.  All the Fred Smiths; the church, the civic leaders all quiet.  No questions asked

So let me say this. I go along with you now but don’t stretch the point. Do not take my consent for license. Do not use this as a dress rehearsal to simply take away my rights again with out my consent simply because this time, you see that it can eb done and no one is on the streets protesting.

Yours sincerely,

Lyford Hills

28 March 2020

Number of hits for the week ending Saturday, 28th March, up to midnight:  161,135

Number of hits for the month of March up to Saturday, 28th March,,  up to midnight:  728,326

Number of hits for the year 2020 up to Saturday, 28th March,  up to midnight:  2,481,990.