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The double standard between how the PLP is treated and how the pundits treat the FNM was again laid bare when the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis went campaigning at police stations on the Christmas Holiday. The video was out almost as soon as he left the station, telling the police, instructing them that the curfew was to start at 10 p.m. during the holiday.  He told the police that if they saw anyone out even at 10:01 pm., they were to be issued a ticket.  The police cannot be so foolish as to listen to a stupid man talk nonsense.  A police officer has a residual discretion on issuing tickets, depending on what the circumstances are when he finds the alleged offence. This also tells us how lost the Prime Minister is and now insensitive.  No wonder, his government is locking people up for selling coconuts. What a damn fool.  Remember all the fuss he made when as Leader of the Opposition, he claimed that Alfred Gray, the then Local Government Minister had interfered with the work of a magistrate by asking the Magistrate to give bail to someone in custody. So what is the difference here? Further where was the Commissioner of Police who has operational command of the Force? Where was the Chairman of the Police Staff Association?