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The Free National Movement and its Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis thinks he has the PLP on the run.  This is fed by the fact that the PLPs who are defending the action to open talks on fishing funding by Chinese capitalists won’t shut up but never mind.  They keep digging themselves a deeper hole by seeking to defend something against which no rational case can succeed. That apart however, the FNM thinks that they can attack the “Chinese” and that this is great political fodder by seeming to be pro Bahamian.  In fact they are being racists and are playing with fire.  There is a need for them to calm their rhetoric on this quickly. They are being most irresponsibly pushing that line.   The Bahamas needs capital.  None but China and the Middle East have money or surplus capital.  It behooves us to seek to get some of it invested here.  The colour of the money is not an issue.  The question should be can we get a good deal for our country.