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The Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced in the  House of Assembly on Wednesday 26 February 2020 a task force to track down, arrest, detain and deport illegal migrants.  He said in the House that we must take our country back.  This of course is shameless pandering. There is a reason the illegal migrants are here and the main reason is they do the jobs in the economy that Bahamians do not want to do.  But the real problem isn’t the illegals. The problem is that class of Haitian children born here who have no status and want to stay here.  They are all illegal and Mr. Minnis does not provide any status for them. This is the same man and his party the FNM that opposed the policies of the PLP which would require everyone to get a passport of their nationality and some kind of status in The Bahamas. Listening to that national jackass Fred Smith, they whipped up hysteria in the local Haitian population and caused the policy to be more contentious than it should have been.  Now the horse is out of gate, he has this big show about a  task force which will only be inflammatory and will not solve the problem.  This is one useless fellow.