Minnis’ Poppy Show With The Unions

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At the start of last week, the Prime Minister Hubert Minnis held a widely promoted meeting with the Labour Unions.  The meeting seemed a little silly the major issues were clear: layoffs at BTC, the Hotel Union’s strike looming at Atlantis and oh yes the Senior Doctors were on strike in the public health facilities.  Nevertheless, the Unions dutifully showed up.  The Minister of Labour Dion Foulkes (he of the perpetual vacation) released his usual sunny pronouncement that the meeting went very well.  Not so fast said the Unions.  It was a complete waste of time was their take.  It solved nothing, and all the Prime Minister could say was he would get back to them.  Of yes, when asked about the possibility of a general strike his answer that got him into a huge crap load of problems was that he was not worried about a general strike, he was worried about whether or not the Saxons were going to win Junkanoo.  Us too but what has that got to do with the problems in the market.  The press roasted his ass for saying it.