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Speaking at the Bahamas Business Outlook Seminar, the Prime Minister 13 January 2020

In the world of Trumpism where truth becomes a lie and a lie the truth, Dr. Hubert Minnis, the Prime Minister of The Bahamas has excelled. On Monday 13 January 2020 there was a Donor Conference organized in conjunction with the United Nations Development Programme ( UNDP)  in Nassau to hear who was going to give what and for what in terms of getting the country up and running again after Hurricane Dorian hit in September of last year. The headlines were startling coming out of the conference. The Prime Minister spoke and he announced that there would be 1.5 billion dollars of pledges to The Bahamas. No distinction was made in his statement between pledges and donations. He got the headline he wanted, except that some of us looked behind the headlines. We quickly discovered that the 1.5 billion was inflated by an item from a 3P company.  Three P means “ private, public partnership”. This is just a fancy word for a loan.  When the PLP called the government out on the matter, the Prime Minister responded by saying that the comments were silly. In other words, we were too dumb to understand. No Prime Minister: you are an ass to think that we could not see through that. The issue is simply this.  The country already has the experience of the Prime Minister seeking to fool people by signing that Oban Deal for Grand Bahama with a 5 billion dollar investment tag and it turned out to be as phony as a two dollar bill. So it ain’t us Mr. Prime Minister: the joke is on you.