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Eyewitness News file photo Easter 2020

( Editor: On Wednesday 8 October 2020 in the House of Assembly, the Prime Minister announced these new measures to keep us bottled up in our homes and the people oppressed by the military and the police.  Before he announced the measures he was giving a lot of : “the horse dead and the cow fat”.  These were simply stories to excuse and explain away his colossal failures as a Prime Minister to protect our life and our livelihoods.)

The new provisions will take effect Friday, 9th October 2020 at 7pm: 

1. Full 24 hour weekend lockdowns – Fridays 7pm until 5am on Mondays;

2. There will be a full three day lockdown for the holiday weekend until 5am on Tuesday, October 13;

3. Only essential services such as uniformed branches, essential utility services will be able to operate;

4. Sea and airports will be able to operate; no flights will be affected;

5. Only one hour allowed for church on Saturdays and Sundays;

6. No food stores, pharmacies and gas stations will be able to operate;

7. Weekday curfew will be from 7pm-5am daily;

8. No social gatherings will be permitted at all

9. Confidential hotline to report social gatherings- 7029967-9;

10. Religious services may continue through the week following the guidelines of the Christin Council;

11. Ten people will be permitted to attend a funeral at the graveside; wakes and repasts will not be permitted not including the officiant;

12. Ten people can be at a wedding not including the officiant;

13. Only virtual schooling for NP and Abaco

14. Beaches and parks will be closed

15. Exercise on the weekend in your yard; gyms will be closed;

16. Only take away, curb side and delivery services for restaurants; 

17. All retail will be curb side except for food stores; gas stations can not provide in store service

The prime minister encouraged telework and a shift system to avoid large numbers in the workplace.

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said the hospitals are full and the medical teams have been pushed to full capacity in New Providence. He said his government uses science and data and listens to the recommendations coming from health officials.

The current situation in New Providence and Abaco requires new restrictions, he told Parliamentarians. He said no one likes complete lockdowns or full restrictions. Dr. Minnis said lockdowns are hard on family life, businesses and finances.

Prime Minister Minnis said earlier that Grand Bahama has done well and they can return to more normalcy. He encouraged them however to continue to wear their masks and social distancing.