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Hubert Minnis was busy as a bee last week trying to look Prime Ministerial.  He was issuing press releases fast and furious and staging them if he could.  One such staging ground was just in front of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation.   He denounced the government’s lack of a plan for BEC, said it was poor leadership and leadership in crisis. He was referring to the fact that it appeared that Leslie Miller, the Chairman of the power company,  accused the staff of  neglecting the maintenance of the plant and causing the massive power failure on Friday 13th March.  The Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis who has responsibility for the corporation, said it just wasn’t so.  Mr. Miller later retracted his remarks. The Union President Paul Maynard at BEC called Mr. Miller a jackass and told the government that if they didn’t fire Mr. Miller, they (the union) would refuse to work along with the government on the necessary reform of the corporation.   Problem for Mr. Minnis is this: every time we think he looks like he could possibly be our Prime Minister, he goes and puts his foot in it.  The Nassau Guardian burst his bubble by pointing out that Mr. Minnis  while attacking the government on BEC had no plan for BEC himself

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. Uh oh.  Meanwhile the Prime Minister promises that BEC reform is coming.  He said he had to do some additional due diligence and now the decision is near.