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Hubert Minnis, the now former Prime Minister, could have gone down in history as man who lucked into a substantial parliamentary majority and should have been able to convert this into a love fest by the Bahamian people.  Instead he goes down in history as the only Prime Minister in a post-independence Bahamas that could not complete a full five year term.  He ended it on some pretty bad terms, going down to ignominious defeat and with a record of nastiness and a filthy mouth.   It was pretty clear on the night of 16 September 2021 that the fix was in.  The rumours were that he would concede the election which he did by a phone call to the now Prime Minister but he did not have the decency to appear before the press and say to the Bahamian people thank you and farewell. Instead he simply told the press that he was gone. Shame on him. No decency in the end.