Minnis Tries To “Goosie” The PLP

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generic viagra for sale times;”>The Leader of the Opposition Hubert Minnis has developed a reputation for mangling the Queen’s English. He is like that Dickensian character Mr. Malaprop.   So in his most recent statement to the House on the debate about the Evidence Act on 29th April, medicine Dr. Minnis used the colloquial expression “goosie” in his address. The stunned Parliament did not quite know what to make of it. One member said it might have been unparliamentary. Another went scrambling for the dictionary to see what it meant. Most simply went into paroxysms of laughter. They couldn’t contain themselves. So now “gooise” which is a Bahamianism for stoking somebody to do something that would cause a knee jerk reaction instead of a considered one has now made it to the floor of Parliament, thanks to the MP for Kilarney and the Leader of the Opposition. By the way the word in standard English is a verb “to goose”; past tense “ goosed” and it means “ to poke someone in the bottom”.