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Unfortunately for Prime Minister Hubert Minnis smoking grass is not gonna help him get re-elected.  He has been in the press lately and just as recently as 5th February 2020 espousing in the House of Assembly the wonders of a policy to decriminalize possession of grass and  letting people out of prison who are imprisoned for minor offences.  This is all a cynical campaign to gain votes.  If you remember, the last campaign he put out this teary eyed video which sought to portray him as a man of the poor.  He was not telling the truth.  Even though he was raised over the hill, there is nothing about him that remembers or sympathizes with that experience.  He is a friend of the rich. In his soul he helps to protect the privileged. So the Marijuana Commission has issued its final preliminary report, which seemed an off way to put it. They have made recommendations.  The Prime Minister even before the horse was in the gate was off and running about his views on marijuana and how he wants to help grass heads get out of prison.  We can’t get sidetracked by that.  What to do on grass is so obvious, we are not sure why a Commission was even necessary.  But just get on with it.  It is 50 years overdue.  But whenever you call the election Mr. Minnis, the grass heads won’t even vote for you. They know that it was not the people’s time during your maladministering.  It is simply time for you to go quietly into that good night.