Miriam Emanuel MP Flubs It

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For the second time in as many years, Miriam Emanuel, the MP for MICAL and the Chair of the Education Loan Authority had a problem getting her words out.  She could not pronounce a figure which seemed to be either 70 million or 7 million.  It was apparently written in figures and she just couldn’t figure out what it was.  Before that she could not pronounce the word “ electorate”.  The leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is not better.  He could not pronounce the word “ entrepreneur”.  It goes to show that speaking English in proper words and sentences is not a requirement to be an MP. Mrs. Emanuel is the butt of so many jokes in the country now. There is even a song about the incident which happened in the House of Assembly on Thursday 13th June during the annual budget debate.

Here is what the Guardian’s Managing Editor Candia Dames had to say on her Facebook page about it:

By Candia Dames 

The system has produced multiple Miriam Emmanuels.

MICAL MP Miriam Emmanuel has repeatedly demonstrated that she is unfit to be in the Parliament of The Bahamas. I do not know her personally, but her repeated blunders in Parliament are an embarrassment to us as a people. The current structure of our political system will not change anytime soon, so it is likely to produce many more Miriam Emmanuels. When the people are fed up with an administration, many do not care about quality candidates. They vote out a prime minister and a party. A quality PLP candidate (not that there was one for MICAL either) could not stand up to Mrs Emmanuel, as the vote was against Christie and the PLP. Mrs Emmanuel was not the only bad candidate that got elected. There are others in Parliament who are an embarrassment as well. Such is the state of our political structure. Sad but true.