Mitchell answers FNM on death of Neko Grant Jr

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Statement From The Chairman of The  Progressive Liberal Party
Responding To Accusations From The Free National Movement On The Death Of Neko Gant Jr.
16 May 2020
The PLP takes note of a statement issued today in the name of the Free National Movement connecting the PLP with statements on social media  about the death of the son of the former Minister of Works Neko C Grant and the accusations contained therein. Those accusations made by the FNM are false and malicious in every material particular. The statements do not meet the standards we expect to emanate from a governing party. We denounce each and every one of their accusations.
The PLP has issued one statement in connection with the death of Neko Grant  Jr and that is to express condolences to the family. There have been no other statements.  Within minutes of the death of Mr Grant, the Leader of the PLP spoke directly with Mr Grant to express his personal condolences. The Chairman did the same. Both men spoke for the party. Both the Leader and the Chairman have long-standing personal and professional ties to Mr Grant.
We repeat our message of condolences to the Grant family and continue to pray God’s comfort and blessing upon them in their hour of grief. We regret that the FNM has caused them this additional discomfort.
It is deeply saddening, that the newcomers in the FNM are obviously unaware that there is a standard of conduct in public life which supersedes partisan divisions. Instead they have chosen to inject spite, falsehoods, vitriol and pastisanship into what they do not know or understand and thereby have lowered the standards of conduct in public life.
The fact that this crumbling FNM administration continues to display their fundamental lack of compassion for the Bahamian people, by choosing to deflect from their incompetence and other manifold political shortcomings in this way, is beneath us all.
A family is grieving. We grieve with them. To attempt to smear the PLP because others are obviously criticizing the FNM is a new low in our politics. We hold the leaders of the FNM personally responsible for this new low in our political standards.
We are in the midst of the biggest health and economic crisis ever to face this country. Why is the FNM not focusing on trying to help Bahamians, as they should be?
Instead they focus on finding ways to cover their incompetent handling of this crisis, and to protect their wealthy backers, instead of ordinary Bahamians.
It is sad that they are focusing on their own political infighting, rather than the urgent business of The Bahamas. How pathetic.