Mitchell Answers Michael Pintard On Loretta Butler Turner

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20 August 2015

image028 cialis cialis times;”>Michael Pintard, view the Chairman of the FNM, medical is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can take the last refuge of a scoundrel by trying to play the gender card to defend the work of the FNM’s Long Island MP. He claimed in the press today that my comments about the MP for Long Island’s performance show disrespect for women.   It is always interesting when as soon as the MP for Long Island gets into a problem with her poor attitude and indelicate language she runs and hides behind the fact that she is a woman. What a load of poppycock. 


Mr. Pintard should not insult the intelligence of the Bahamian people by this scandalous attack on my character.  What is going on with the MP for Long Island has nothing to do with gender.  It has everything to do with performance.  She has not performed for the people of Long island; not because she is a woman but because she lacks the skills of a good Member of Parliament


 It is strange that Mr. Pintard would go there but remained silent when that same MP for Long Island slapped a Member of Parliament, while at the same time claiming to be an advocate to stop gender based violence.