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From The Office Of The Chairman Of The PLP
Responding To Tribune Editorial On Philip Davis 17 January 2019

For Immediate Release
17 January 2019

Reading today’s editorial of The Tribune was like reading Old Story Time. “Monkey chew tobacco and spit white lime,” the old folks used to say.

Why would The Tribune want to turn a simple point made by Philip Brave Davis at his press conference on Tuesday 8 January about the appointment of the Director of Communications by the Prime Minister into a personal matter about Erica Cox? To the best of anyone’s recollection, the record will show that Mr. Davis did not pronounce on the fitness or otherwise of Mrs. Cox. That, with respect, was not the point of the intervention.

Mr. Davis made the point that you have already a Director of The Bahamas Information Services, a statutory body charged with the dissemination of Government Information. You have hired already a press secretary to make pronouncements in behalf of the Prime Minister. Now you have hired a Director of Communications.
There is a presumption that they are no doubt all fine people and fit for purpose. Mr. Davis offered nothing to rebut that presumption. The larger point is however: does it take three chefs to cook this broth?