Mitchell Back In The Berry Islands

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generic cialis times;”>From left to right Administrator Marlin Leary, Dr. Perry Gomez MP for the Berry Islands and Fred Mitchell, Minister of Foreign Affairs. 

MPs Fred Mitchell and Perry Gomez with the Local Government Council and the Public officials on great Harbour Cay and Bullocks Harbour in the Berry Islands. 

When Foreign Minister Fred Mitchell last visited the Berry Islands in February of this year along with the MP for the area Dr. Perry Gomez, the pair promised that there would be action on a number of fronts.  When the meeting was held on Thursday 14 April, the pair announced that Social Services will be putting an office and officer there, that here would also be a National Insurance office  and officer there.  Dr. Gomez spoke to action being taken on the construction of a new clinic for the island and a new airport and dock.   The pair is shown at the public meeting on 14 April and at the farewell at the airport on 15 April.