Mitchell On Dissident Behavior

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25th August 2014

Dissident opinion is valuable to any organization and forward movement

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. However, cialis buy capsule the PLP is not a drawbridge upon which people can walk and just use for their purposes.  During the  FNM years part of their political strategy was to seek destroy the reputation of the PLP and so effective were they that even some of our own youngsters have adopted uncritically their narrative.  The bits about corruption and  incompetence were part of their propaganda which is simply false.

The modern state we have was created under PLP leadership.  The FNM did not do that.  They opposed the creation of The Bahamas. 

What I am arguing is that NPI must develop the counter narrative and keep saying it to each generation that comes in.  This is an absolute must.  We know that those who do not know their history are doomed to repeat it.  We are not asking that you be a prisoner of history but you certainly need to be seeing the signs of reversal when they occur.

So dissidence should occur within rules and regulations.  We are in a volunteer organisation  and we voluntarily agree to the rules.  This requires discipline, buy viagra ed loyalty faithful and trust.  When  people lose that in those who are their colleagues and give public voice to this without airing differences internally then it is time to look elsewhere.


The organisation itself has a role in protecting its own integrity by ensuring that its rules are obeyed and be shown to be obeyed.