Mitchell On Fred Smith Q. C.

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viagra sales buy times;”>10th March 2016

buy viagra click times;”>Fred Mitchell MP responds to Fred Smith QC on a report that he has filed a law suit against Mr. Mitchell:

I have been advised that the press has reported the filing of a law suit against me in my personal capacity, charging malfeasance in office in connection with decisions made as the Minister for Immigration.

Such an allegation is patently false and pure nonsense; it is an abuse of the processes of the courts and in typical Smith fashion, a trumped up publicity stunt.

When the time comes the suit will be vigorously defended.

Mr. Smith should be careful not to be seen as a ‘malcontent for hire’ and further, the question must be asked: what is the end game as nothing ever seems right in our Bahamas?
I reiterate that the Commonwealth of The Bahamas reserves the right to say who can come and live in this country. When this is no longer possible, then we cease to a sovereign country, therefore, we look forward to our day in court.  

I again ask Mr. Smith this: if he so loves people who are not from this country who violate our laws, why does he not embrace his citizenship of origin and leave us to govern our affairs? 

The Bahamas would be a much happier place if this gadfly would just go away.