Mitchell On Michael Pintard

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viagra generic times;”>Statement By Fred Mitchell MP responding to allegations made by Michael Pintard, Chairman of the FNM, that Mr. Mitchell misled the Parliament:

It appears once again that the FNM cannot resist standing up for foreigners rather than for Bahamians. That is what Michael Pintard has to explain to the Bahamian people. In the face of all the issues facing this country, Mr. Pintard is busy fighting for two Cubans who are wanted in The Bahamas for violating Bahamian immigration laws. I have no further explanation to give. Everything is in the public record. If he cannot understand, then that is his issue not mine. Just once Mr. Pintard should resist that temptation and simply stand up for Bahamians, period.

I remind Mr. Pintard and the FNM once again that where our national sovereignty is concerned, politics end at the border – that is Politics 101.

Whatever the situation is in the United States is clearly the business of that country.

The incontrovertible fact is that these individuals are not wanted in The Bahamas and if they are in The Bahamas will be subject to re-arrest if found to have no immigration status.