Mitchell On Sarkis: He’s Not In PM’s League

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cialis canada salve times;”>image016Fred Mitchell gives his Emancipation Day speech. Photo: Peter Ramsay

cialis usa physician times;”>Fred Mitchell MP in his own words defends his remarks delivered in Fox Hill on Emancipation Day 3rd August:

medical times;”>He spoke to Nico Scavella of The Tribune on 5th August: 

“The fact is this is a commercial dispute of an investor who is in our country, and that man has filed an action in the courts of the US which would have allowed him to walk away from the debts in this country that he legitimately owes. The Bahamas government would have been abdicating its responsibility to the Bahamian people if it had not intervened to do what is done.

 “There are also certain rules and regulations and norms which an economic guest has to abide by, and he has to stand by it. Now the FNM has to decide whether they stand up for the people of the Bahamas, or whether they’re with someone who is acting against the interest of the Bahamas. It’s as simple as that.”

 “I say it in another context: he (Sarkis Izmirlian) and Perry Christie are not company, and he should get that in his mind.”

“The payments were made to the staff. What he does with the people who are not Bahamians, that’s not our issue, that’s his issue.”

“And remember that he owes the debt to the employees. The government only agreed for a limited period to provide him with the liquidity, because he is unable to pay his debts.”