Mitchell On The New U S Ambassador

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Statement by Fred Mitchell
Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs
On Reported Comments by Doug Manchester Ambassador Designate of the U S at Senate Hearings

3 August

The reported comments of the Ambassador Designate Doug Manchester describing The Bahamas as a protectorate of the United States are patently offensive. They require the immediate demand from our Minister of Foreign Affairs if this is the policy of the United States government.

His country’s representatives have just joined us in celebrating the 44th anniversary of the independence of The Bahamas. A protectorate is an instrument of colonialism. Is this now the intention of the United States?

We have a moral right to exist and the right to our way of life and to self-determination. Our size and lack of world power does not negative those rights.

We want to see where our government stands on this matter before Mr Manchester comes to The Bahamas. It must be made clear that coming here is not a mandate to re-colonize The Bahamas.