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From The Office Of The Chairman Of The PLP
(And Opposition Spokesman on The Public Service)
On Public Service Minister’s Attack On The PLP’s Record

For Immediate Release
6 December 2018

In an attempt to cover up the bumbling indelicate words of the Secretary of the Cabinet in a recent IDB report which painted the entire public service with a broad brush of incompetence, Brensil Rolle, the Public Service Minister felt the need to draw the PLP into the narrative.

According to Mr. Rolle: “Unfortunately, the last administration engaged in various poor practices, including the unnecessary and unprecedented hiring of more individuals than required in the public sector.” (Tribune 3 December 2018)

Let me say for the record that Mr. Rolle’s version of the facts is a complete and utter fabrication. Everyone hired by the Government of the PLP had a role to play and were assigned to real jobs which improved the productivity in the country. Just go around to the Government Departments today and see the shortages everywhere and fact that work cannot be done on a timely basis because the FNM in firing some 3500 people (not 400 as Mr. Rolle claims) have ripped the heart out of the work force in the public service, which the PLP will have to recreate when it returns to office.

If Mr. Rolle did not have the courage to condemn the Secretary of the Cabinet for her remarks, that is on him but leave the PLP out of it, except to say thank you to us for leaving in place despite some issues basically a competent functioning public administration.