Mitchell Recalls Edison Key On The PLP

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25th August 2014

Edison Key when he left the PLP in our last term said of us that he just didn’t understand us anymore.  He said that when he was a PLP, viagra sale store if he called Pindling, the phone wasn’t down properly before what he asked Pindling would be done.  He argued that we had become strangers to our friends.


I  always say that whether a man is my friend or my foe I always listen to what he says to see if what he is saying makes sense.

I leave you this story.  It is a Delta Airlines commercial.  A businessman is talking to his staff

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. He tells them that  sales have been falling.  He says that when he called an old customer, site the man said to him: I just don’t know you all anymore.  So he said to the staff he was going back to basics and he bought airplane tickets for them to visit all their old customers, here and you guessed it on Delta Airlines.  He said at the end of the commercial. I am going back to visit that old friend.

I can think of no finer advice than that to you group of PLPs tonight.