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discount viagra times;”>The following statement was delivered in the House of Assembly on 9th November in answer to an interview with the press The Tribune , published by former Minister A Loftus Roker about the future of The Bahamas and its political leaders:

Finally, I address generally the subject of the doom and gloom that is again pervading the country about the future. One public comment or the next.

One of our senior statesmen was in the press recently to say that he saw no future in either side or no possible successor in our own party,

Each man or woman is entitled to their opinion. But wouldn’t that be a sad commentary on the generation who went before us if those words are in fact true.

I think it is unfortunate hyperbole. I understand despair but I understand hope much better,

I wish to assure this country that there is no need to despair at all. We have problems to be sure. Difficult problems but despair is not helpful.

What we have is a two party system. It is working well and the Bahamian people in their wisdom will choose who will lead them in a short time.

For good or ill we are all, we, all of us FNM, PLP, UDP, DNA are what we have in this House or outside for good or ill. There is no point in complaining about the air when air is all there is to breathe.

Whoever runs the country, I assure the critics, those persons will run and be accountable to the Bahamian people.

As for succession in leadership, this not a messianic business we are talking about.

Nature shows us that it abhors a vacuum and in the natural progress of things there will be succession.

The Pindling generation has faded away. We can dream all we want that one day it will return but the wind has passed over and it is gone. He did his job. Right now is what and where we are. I will do my job. We will all do our jobs.

Whoever takes over, whoever emerges, nature tells us again someone will emerge. They will not descend from the clouds. There is no need to despair about that either. We may not know who it is or see who it is but one day surely there will be succession.

You cannot therefore wash your hands and say a pox on both your houses.
While we live we must continue to work, to pray and to preach hope. I preach hope. I believe in hope. I say to myself each morning: “Forward ever! Backward never!”

I thank you Mr. Speaker.