Mitchell Responds To FNM Trolls About An Old Speech

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The following statement was given in response to an inquiry by The Tribune about an old speech on Article 15 of the Constitution which FNM and DNA partisans have been using to get people to vote no. Mr. Mitchell is voting yes to all questions in this referendum on 7 June. His response is below:

I have spoken extensively on this matter during the mid budget debate and in my constituency over and over again. The script is in the house and the video is available online.

With the greatest of respect, I don’t respond to foolishness. Why would you and the Tribune not do the research and you will find my answer and position. Those who are circulating that old speech need to go get a life and while doing so vote yes to the four questions as I shall be doing. I am doing door to door every day and telling my constituents to vote yes to all four questions. The assinine trolls on social media can take the hind most. I put it politely because I am a public official. If I were on the park I would really tell them what they should do. You wouldn’t be able to print it.